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The baffle suitable for the W130S to print yourself. In contrast to the purchased version, you can decide whether it is printed in one part lying down or in two parts standing up. With the latter variant you still need 2 retaining clips so that the parts are aligned with each other. These are included in the print data.


The printed baffle eliminates the need for milling in the housing. To use it, you need to adjust the cut of the front board. The baffle is then simply glued in place. The holes for attaching the chassis have a diameter of 5.6mm. These are necessary for melting the M4 threaded sleeve. I recommend a sleeve with a length of 8mm.


You can see the external dimensions and the thickness of the baffle in the drawing. 


Happy printing.

Baffle W130S to print yourself

Sales Tax Included
  • Dimension:

    200mm x 200mm x 19mm


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