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10 cm (4") high-end full-range speaker with very balanced transmission behavior and a slight rise in high frequencies for a pleasant sound even outside the 0-axis. High efficiency and low distortion are just some of the qualities of this speaker.


  • Paper membrane
  • Copper impedance control ring
  • Aluminum die-cast basket
  • Phase plug

Visaton B100

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Delivery time approx. 7 working days
  • Membrane compliance Cm 1.28mm/N
    Nominal load capacity 30W
    Music resilience 60W
    Nominal impedance Z 6 ohms
    Transmission range (-10 dB) fu–20000 Hz
    (fu: lower limit frequency depending on the housing) .
    Average sound pressure level 88 dB (1 W/1 m)
    Maximum linear stroke +/- 1.6mm
    Boundary deflection +/- 7.0mm
    Resonance frequency fs 75Hz
    Magnetic induction 1.29T
    Magnetic river 316 µWb
    Upper pole plate height 3mm
    Voice coil diameter 26mm
    Wrap height 6.3mm
    Baffle opening 101mm
    Net weight 0.68kg
    DC resistance Rdc 5.8 ohms
    Mechanical Q factor Qms 10.13
    Electrical Q factor Qes 0.54
    Total Q-Factor Qts 0.52
    Equivalent Air Compliance Volume Vas 5.27L
    Effective membrane area Sd 54.1cm²
    Dynamic moving mass Mms 3.2g
    Drive factor Bxl 4.1 Tm
    Voice coil inductance L 0.36 mH
    connections 4.8x0.8mm (+)/2.8x0.8mm (-)
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