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10 cm (4”) woofer with a low resonance frequency and a compact size. The wide and elastic rubber surround allows for a large stroke. A 2x4 Ohm double voice coil enables 2, 4 and 8 Ohm operation, as well as a stereo connection, for example via the rear channels of a car radio. The easy-to-install and visually appealing sheet metal basket makes the W 100 X a versatile subwoofer for hi-fi and industry.

Connection options: (1) one voice coil open (4 ohms) (2) both voice coils in series (8 ohms) (3) both voice coils in parallel (2 ohms)



















The W130S is a woofer with a rubber surround. It is used in the CT327 together with the FRS5X which fits together very well. 


It can be used in a closed housing from 7 liters. In a ventilated housing from 20 liters in combination with a bass reflex tube diameter 32mm, length 40mm, frequencies in a range of 44 Hz can be achieved. With a volume of 30 liters, the 40Hz mark can be cracked.



Visaton W100X - 2x4 ohms

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  • Nominal load capacity 40W
    Music resilience 60W
    Nominal impedance Z (1) 4 ohms/(2) 8 ohms/(3) 2 ohms
    Transmission range (-10 dB) 45 - 12000 Hz
    Average sound pressure level 81dB (1W/1m)
    Boundary deflection +/-7.5mm
    Resonance frequency fs 63
    Magnetic induction 0.85T
    Magnetic river 243 µWb
    Upper pole plate height 3.5mm
    Voice coil diameter 26mm
    Wrap height 10mm
    Baffle opening 97mm
    Net weight 0.76kg
    DC resistance Rdc (1) 3.6 ohms/(2) 7.2 ohms/(3) 1.8 ohms
    Mechanical Q factor Qms (1) 3.17/(2) 3.33/(3) 2.74
    Electrical Q factor Qes (1) 0.95/(2) 0.48/(3) 0.43
    Total Q-factor Qts (1) 0.73/(2) 0.42/(3) 0.37
    Equivalent Air Compliance Volume Vas (1) 2.63L(2) 2.24L(3) 2.89L
    Effective membrane area Sd 51.5 cm²
    Dynamic moving mass Mms 10.4g
    Drive factor Bxl (1) 3.02 Tm/(2) 7.93 Tm/(3) 3.75 Tm
    Voice coil inductance L (1) 0.46mH/(2) 1.49mH/(3) 0.41mH
    connections 4.8x0.8mm (+)/2.8x0.8mm (-)
    Installation depth 58mm
    Transmission range 45 - 12000 Hz
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