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The W100X has a somewhat unfortunate positioning of the soldering tabs. If you choose the installation diameter recommended by the manufacturer, the chassis will later not fit through the hole provided. If you enlarge the hole, the wind will whistle along the basket through the holes in the screw connection. A precisely fitting rubber seal can help here. The installation depth is not changed. 


The seal is made of TPU95A




















The W130S is a woofer with a rubber surround. It is used in the CT327 together with the FRS5X which fits together very well. 


It can be used in a closed housing from 7 liters. In a ventilated housing from 20 liters in combination with a bass reflex tube diameter 32mm, length 40mm, frequencies in a range of 44 Hz can be achieved. With a volume of 30 liters, the 40Hz mark can be cracked.



W100X gasket

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  • 1 seal

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