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These are the print data for the TILE. The TILE has a very easy to print housing. In the first step, 5 shell-shaped wall parts are printed. Of these, only the bevels can be seen later in the form of a frame (silver in the pictures). Individual tiles are used in it, which can be varied in color and arrangement. The appearance can therefore be very different. With so-called silk filaments (silk copper in the pictures) the case looks very modern. It could also look great in matt colors or brightly colored. The TILE is a great playground for creative ideas as well as a solution for adapting to your living space.


Once completed, the Blue Planet Acoustic kit that goes with the TILE is described as a PC speaker. I think it's a shame for that, because it also cuts a fine figure for listening to music in the evening. It's important to remember that a 7.5cm wide broadband speaker will be working inside. In my opinion, however, this has been superbly developed and is far from what I would expect from a PC speaker.


The TILE is the optimal introduction to merging 3D printing and speaker construction. 



Print data Tile V31

Sales Tax Included
  • Full range speakers

    Volume: 3 liters

    Dimensions: approx. 228mm high, 228mm deep, 128mm wide

    Housing type: bass reflex

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