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Discover the possibilities of producing your speakers with your own 3D printer.
DIY speakers from the 3D printer

Here you will find all the projects that you can design according to your wishes.


At PRINTYOURBEAT you will find a wide range of DIY speaker enclosures and accessories that you can easily make with your own 3D printer. If you do not have access to a 3D printer, we will be happy to manufacture the product according to your individual ideas.

The idea of DIY speakers is not a new one, but until now, enclosures for such projects have mostly been made of wood. Thanks to the continuously falling prices for 3D printers, however, the possibility of producing enclosures using 3D printing is increasingly opening up.

This approach makes it possible to create DIY speakers in a small space and without the inconvenience of wood dust or other contaminants. It also eliminates the need for surface treatment, as a wide variety of materials and finishes are available. From plain colors to metallic effects, matte finishes or even materials with glitter effects - the choice is enormous.

With PRINTYOURBEAT, nothing stands in the way of creatively designing your DIY speakers. Let your imagination run wild and design them according to your personal preferences and needs.

ZSB V2 v4.jpg

PYB bass reflex tubes

Make your project special

IMG_1041 1.jpg

Little Eli

The SOLO15 is packaged in a 3D-printed housing. Simple design meets great sound.



The Base3AL in the TILE housing. A playground for colors and shapes.


Unequal V2

The CT218 comes in a 3D-printed housing and offers a wide range of design options.



The mode is a 2.1 system with the possibility to operate it actively.


FRS5X Waveguide

Developed for the CT327, the 3D printed waveguide



I am still working on this project.


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