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I'm currently experimenting with different AR tools to counteract the color chaos. Some colors are already included in the configurator. If you would like to see a specific color of the models listed below, please send me an email. I'll be happy to add it.

You can also take a virtual look at the case using the "View in your Space" button.

Have fun

These are the first attempts, please excuse if it doesn't work.

Unequal V2

The Unequal V2 housing in combination with the Ct218 kit from Blue Planet Acoustic results in a compact bookshelf speaker. Contrary to its name, it is of course also possible to set it up on a sideboard or a suitable speaker stand. The speaker chassis from Tang Band (W4-655F) included in the kit has a diameter of 4 inches (10cm) and is screwed into the baffle from behind. This eliminates the usual screw connections and gives us a clean look.  

The housing measures 275mm high, 200mm wide and is 260mm deep. The shape is not only a design feature, but it also improves the sound reflections that occur in the housing because there are no wall sides that are parallel to each other. The bass reflex tube is a specialty. Flow noise is reduced to a minimum through defined curves on both sides of the pipe. These defined curves also promote efficiency (a little). Contrary to the wooden construction proposal, the bass reflex channel is now round. 

Access to the interior of the housing is ensured even after bonding. There is a lid on the back that can be opened at any time. To complete this speaker you have the following options:

Print your own speaker housing

With the print data offered, you can produce the housing yourself on your own printer. Maybe you know someone who would do that for you. This is probably the cheapest way you can choose. As an option you can also choose the mounting set. This includes all parts necessary for assembly and to supplement the CT218 kit. You can find further information about the print data in the product description. You can find instructions for this in the blog posts below.

Speaker housing printed

If you don't have your own printer, I can also print out the housing for you. You will then receive the printed parts as well as the matching assembly kit. There are a variety of materials to choose from. If nothing suits your taste, please write to me with your wishes. All you need then is the CT218 kit to complete it. Assembling the housing is very simple. All you need is an Allen key and the glue. You should plan on about 2 hours to assemble a housing. How the assembly works is described in the blog posts below.

The complete set

If you don't want to worry about whether you've thought of everything, go for a complete set. Here you also get all the printed parts, the appropriate assembly set and the matching kit.  You can find the selection within the articles.

Not enough colors yet?

Is one color too boring for you? Create a combination of your favorite colors. I'll be happy to send you a picture of your desired speaker. This service costs you nothing, and I don't charge extra for production either.

You are also welcome to make one in advanceColor patternOrder. 

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