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I have once again fallen for the fascination of a 4 inch porridge ribbon. In this case the CT218BR kit with the Tang Band W4-655F. The case shape is not new. In October 2023 I presented the W4-1879 in Klang und Ton. Since this driver disappeared from the scene, a worthy successor had to be found.

Due to the slightly larger case volume, the case had to be further subdivided. As with all of my cases now, the driver is screwed from the inside with a central nut. This results in a significantly more modern appearance at the front.

When assembling the housing is both glued and screwed. This ensures the necessary tightness and rigidity. The screw connection also forgives small inaccuracies that result from the reduction in tension during the manufacturing process. I would rate the difficulty of this as “easy”.


The case consists of 13 parts.



Print data Unequal V2 (V34)

Sales Tax Included
  • Broadband speakers

    Volume: 7 liters

    Dimensions: approx. 275mm high, 259mm deep, 199mm wide

    Housing type: bass reflex

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