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With the PYB bass reflex tubes...


...this is a product for hifi enthusiasts. The appropriate diameters, lengths and color combinations are made at your request. The special features are:

  • Multi-part structure

  • Airflow optimized BR channel

  • One-piece BR channel without the usual production-related seams from 3D printing

  • Flexible mounting options

  • Color selection

  • Flush installation in the housing

I haven't integrated the length selection into the shop yet. When ordering, please specify the desired length in the “Note” field. 

The minimum length is 42mm

The maximum length is 230 mm. In addition, it must be made in 2 parts.


The colors of the visible panel and the tube can be freely chosen. If you have a specific color request that is not included in the selection, just write to me. 


The retaining ring is only required if the rear part of the BR pipe cannot be reached when installed. This ring is used to screw the screw for fastening the pipe to the inside of the housing. 

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