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With DYNAMIC I have put together my first public playlist on Spotify.

What at first sounds like a jumble of musical styles is actually a selection of very dynamic and bass-heavy pieces of music.

These have gradually been added to my own collection and are very popular at listening evenings. Now you can hear them too, and maybe your neighbors too.

In some of the tracks there are very interesting sequences of tones of varying depth. Ideally you can hear these tones at the same volume. There are now 4 different scenarios that can occur:

  • All low tones are equally loud - great, that's perfect

  • The deeper the tone, the quieter it becomes - that's ok

  • Different deep tones are not equally loud - that is not good

  • Deep tones are not audible - you need new speakers

Follow my profile on Spotify to discover more playlists and share this playlist with other music-loving friends.

Thank you !

A notice:

Some songs may push your speakers to their limits. Your hearing will also suffer if music is played too loudly. Think about yourself and your material.


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