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The waveguide fits the Visaton FRS5X!


In contrast to the commercially available waveguides, this one was developed to fit the Visaton FRS5X. To give it the desired shape, the individual parts were manufactured to match the desired sound conduction. These are screwed and glued on the back.  When delivered, the waveguide is completely assembled. I recommend a separate chamber in the speaker housing for operation. The FRS5X driver can be ordered as an option. It is attached to the entrance of the funnel with screws. Both the screws for attaching the driver and the waveguide are included in the scope of delivery. Also a drawing for making the precisely fitting cutout.


The waveguide itself is made of PLA, a plastic made from plant-based materials. The matt look is achieved by adding fibers. This is a very robust plastic that is often used in 3D printing. 


Another special feature is the connection to the driver. The opening of the waveguide was designed so that it starts directly next to the bead. To seal the driver, the waveguide connects to the driver's mounting ring. The rear struts counteract unwanted natural resonances.


The waveguide is assembled entirely by hand. 


With the option including FSR5X, the driver must be installed yourself (2 screws)


The development took an unexpectedly long time. For this reason, I am excited to now be able to offer this product. I am very excited about the projects you will realize. 



FRS5X Waveguide (V31)

Sales Tax Included |
  • Material: PLA


    External installation diameter: 200 mm

    Internal installation diameter: 182 mm

    Installation depth: 3 mm


    Bolt circle: 190 mm

    Bore diameter: 4.8mm

    Countersink diameter: 7.7mm

    Countersink depth: 1.5mm


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