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The waveguide fits the Visaton FRS5X!


No shipping costs, no waiting, print straight away. With this print data you can print out the waveguide in the color you want. 




The print data is subject to copyright. The distribution of the files and the sale of printed parts from this data is not permitted. 





Required for assembly: 

  • Mounting kit
  • Superglue
  • Allen key
  • Soldering iron (for melting the threaded sleeves)




To produce it, you need an FDM printer with a print bed measuring 150 x 150 x 150 mm

This data is not suitable for production on an SLA printer!

Quick start Guide:

Print parts A and B of the funnel twice each. Print out all remaining parts once each. 

First, the outer screws on all 4 funnel elements are tightened slightly. Then the screws facing the adapter are inserted and tightened slightly. The parts are aligned with each other using the adapter. Only then are the screws facing the adapter tightened. The middle row of screws are then tightened, followed by the outermost one. 

The adapter can then be glued with superglue. 

Then the melting sleeves are melted flush with the adapter (Temp max 200 °C)

Now the leadership is put in place. 

The holder and the cover can then be installed.



FRS5X waveguide to print yourself

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