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It took a lot of time and material to ensure that I was able to achieve the necessary level of satisfaction. The result of the development should not only produce a good sound experience but also a simple and light design. The design and function departments are fighting a never-ending battle. In the end it has to sound good and look good. I hope it was successful.


This product is a kit consisting of 21 parts with which this housing can be created. You can determine the scope of delivery yourself.


Equipped with the B100, whether with an active module or passively on an amplifier, you can build a loudspeaker that meets pretty much every musical taste. Especially for lovers of live recordings, singing or instrumental pieces, this combination is stunning and easily fills rooms up to 25m²!


By upgrading with the active module you expand your options. The module can be integrated via both LAN and WLAN. This gives you the opportunity to access many music service providers via direct streaming.



  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Amazon Music
  • Tidal
  • Deezer
  • Qubuz
  • TuneIn
  • Internet radio


The second speaker can be connected to the first speaker using a speaker cable, or you can use a second module and connect them wirelessly via a network.


In addition to the B100, the passive version also includes the components for the crossover.


About the colors:

The Cotton White / Charocal Black version is shown. In addition to these colors, there are another 31 colors in the program. Unfortunately I can't show them all. If you have a specific color request, I would be happy to send you a sample. You can also order these in the shop.


Depending on the volume, the delivery time is up to 21 days!


The hearing test:


You can find my playlist on Spotify


I played the track “Fine Days” from Hattler’s “Live in Glems” album. As soon as the first few pages of the guitar are played and the singing begins, you know that all the effort was worth it. The plucking of each page, the finely played overtones of the guitar as well as the singing spread across the entire stage, you find yourself in the middle of the action.


It was then the turn of “New Dawn” by Dominic Miller. The hard-plucked guitar was brought neatly into the room.

The reverberating tones surrounded me and pulled me onto the stage.


"Monsoons" by Johannes Bornlö - Here Le June sings this beautiful song with a fine voice. In one of the first prototypes of the Little Eli, this song was the final boss because the deep runs caused a lot of unrest in the case. This was followed by 2 development stages for stiffening, thank you Le June for your help.

Little Eli B100 case printed (1 piece) V2 PLA

Sales Tax Included |
This product is only made to order - delivery time approx. 2 weeks
  • Scope of delivery:

    • Housing parts 3D printed from PLA to build 1 housing
    • All necessary screws
    • All necessary seals
    • Adhesives
    • Connection terminal
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