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The mode is here. 


I have wanted a project like this for a long time. Once the components for this system were determined, I was in a "mode" to develop the whole thing to the end. I was amazed at how little coffee you can get through a night. 


The design....

Round or square? The first versions were actually exclusively round. Creating so-called "low-poly" bodies with 3D construction programs is a real challenge, but it's a success. 


What is the mode?

The mode is a small 2.1 system. This means we have 2 very small satellites that can be hidden in any bookshelf and a very small subwoofer. The latter can be set up on the matching table in which there is also space for a plate amp, a small amplifier. The housing volumes are listed in the technical data. 


Who is the mode for?

It's almost frightening. After the first prototype was completed, it was literally ripped out of my hands. The system spent some time in our kitchen, then in the children's rooms, where the subwoofer was shown what it meant to be played, and finally I was allowed to listen to music with it in our living room. The living room measures approximately 25m² in area. This means that the system is at its upper limit if you have invited Roland Emmerich to the film evening. But it's still completely sufficient for enjoying music, a bit of jazz or something groovy. In the 16m² kitchen, the subwoofer is more of an acoustic wrecking ball, just great!


The sound

If you add up the cost of the individual chassis on two hands, it's truly astounding what comes out of the small satellites. Voices seem very present. Acoustic instruments are clean and undistorted. They are overqualified to enjoy music in the background.


About the housing and the plan

The individual parts are very easy to manufacture, as is assembly. No support structures are required for printing.




The components shown in the pictures are of course not included in the scope of delivery.  



Have fun with MODE 2.1




Mode 2.1 (V18)

Sales Tax Included
  • Subwoofers

    Volume: 3.5 liters

    Dimensions: approx. 340mm high, 200mm deep

    Housing type: bass reflex



    Volume: approx. 0.2 liters

    Dimensions: 90mm high, 75mm deep



    Dimensions: 105mm high, 159mm wide, 200mm deep

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