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The mode is here. 


Please note the “Scope of delivery” section! 

Unfortunately there are only a limited number available!


The idea:


By using 3D printing, very unusual shapes can be created. I've been itching to incorporate "low poly" design into my projects for a long time. However, the traditional construction methods in common drawing programs quickly reach their limits. So I let the topic slide for a bit. 

Shortly afterwards there was an exchange with the magazine "Sound and tone", what we were looking for was something "small, fine". Once the drivers for the project had been determined, only the topic of design was open. My suggestion was low poly.....darn it. There was no going back, now it had to happen.  ;

There was a Visaton W100X and a BF45S from the same manufacturer to be nicely packaged, and a small active module was also supposed to be included. 

Unfortunately, I was unable to fulfill my wish to integrate the active module into the housing. The design department had priority here, so it was quickly moved to a table below. The feet allow access to the connections. 


The structure is relatively simple. The individual 3D printed parts are connected to each other using 2 different adhesives. To ensure that the parts align with each other, there are so-called springs at critical points that support assembly and hold the adhesive in place. I would estimate around 4-5 hours of construction time for the assembly, including drying and commissioning, until you can enjoy the first sounds. 


The assembly instructions are only available online


The active module:


The active module used "Up2Stream Plate Amp 2.1" from Arylic contains a DSP module. This means that there are no parts of crossovers to be found in any of the speakers. 


Since a paid program is required to set the DSP module, I'll do the programming for you! The necessary file was measured in the sound and tone laboratory and was kindly made available to me. 


The usual streaming services are supported by the active module. It works: 

  • Spotify
  • Deezer
  • Tidal
  • Apple Music
  • Qubuz
  • TuneIn

....just to name a few


The connection to the network can be made either via cable or via WLAN. An app is required to set it up called "4STREAM" which then also enables the multiroom functions. In addition to transferring music via the apps mentioned above, it also works via Airplay. If you prefer to mess around with cables to connect the system to a television or another device, you can do this via "opt in" or "3.5mm jack". And if you still don't have enough, you can operate the entire system as an external sound card via USB; the cable is included in the scope of delivery.


To the housing


The subwoofer housing has an internal volume of just under 4 liters. The approximately 250mm long bass reflex tube was guided through the housing at a 90° angle and has a diameter of 38mm. Later in the development, the inlet area of the pipe was given a small special feature by bevelling the end of the pipe. This gives it more space to the outer wall of the housing and the air finds an easier way out.


A rubber seal is also added to the W100X. This ensures an excellent seal to the housing. 


The small satellites have an internal volume of just 0.2 liters and are of a closed design. At the first taste I'm on the title"New Dawn" stuck by Dominic Miller and Neil Stacey. Lean back, close your eyes, that's how it has to be. There's nothing more to say about it. 




I produce this system to order. The material and time required to produce it is quite high. The delivery time is approximately 10 working days after receipt of the order. All orders will be delivered this year and before Christmas! 



Christmas special mode

Sales Tax Included |
  • 3D printed parts to build the cases for

    • Subwoofers
    • Satellites
    • Table for amplifier installation

    in the color combination "black/copper"


    • Up2Stream Plate Amp 2.1
    • Power supply for amplifier (Leicke ULL 24V 4A 96W)


    • All screws necessary for assembly including fastening screws for the chassis


    • 6 gold-plated connection terminals each in red and black


    Not included:

    • Visaton W100X subwoofer chassis
    • Visaton BF45S - Chassis for satellites
    • Convoluted foam
    • Cable for internal wiring
    • Speaker cable


  • The "Mode 2.1" system was introduced in the  Klang und Ton issue 01/2024 and was created in friendly collaboration. 

    You can get the magazine in any well-stocked newsagent, at gas stations or via the appAycr on the computer. The app is also available for Android and Apple.

    We are particularly happy about additional subscribers.

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