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With the Unequal V2 enclosure kit you have the opportunity to get an individually designed speaker enclosure. The housing consists of only a few parts and is very easy to assemble, only requiring an Allen key.


You can use the available options to put together your complete package, which includes everything you need for assembly.


Due to the many variants, I only produce your case upon pre-order. The delivery time is approximately 14 days.


Housing kit:

“Variant 1” is a monochrome printed housing. This is offered in 35 different colors. The addition of cotton gives the material a matt surface, which makes it look very elegant. It also consists of bio-based raw materials, which makes it industrially compostable.

The necessary screws, adhesives and matching gold-plated connection terminals are included in the kit.


Complete package:

With this package you can complete the Unequal V2 housing to create a complete loudspeaker kit that includes all the necessary chassis, crossover components and insulation. The chassis used is the elegant W4-655F from Tangband. This is a real all-rounder for relaxed music enjoyment.


Complete comfort package:

In the comfort package, all electronic components are soldered together ready for installation. The construction of the loudspeaker is therefore reduced to the production of adhesive and screw connections.

Unequal V2 (pair) Variant 1 Earth

Sales Tax Included |
Your case will only be made to order - delivery time approx. 2 weeks
  • Scope of delivery of the housing kit:

    • Case parts 3D printed to build 2 cases
    • All necessary screws
    • All necessary seals
    • Adhesives
    • Connection terminal

    Scope of delivery complete package:

    • Housing kit
    • Speaker chassis (2 pieces)
    • Insulating materials
    • Switch components

    Scope of delivery complete comfort:

    • Housing kit
    • complete package
    • Electronics soldered
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