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The small broadband loudspeaker FRS 5 . It can be used in the broadband range as well as as a midrange driver. 



Visaton FRS 5X - 8 ohms

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  • Nominal load capacity 5W
    Music resilience 8W
    Nominal impedance Z 8 ohms
    Transmission range (-10 dB) 120-20000Hz
    Average sound pressure level 86 dB (1 W/1 m)
    Beam angle (−6 dB) 180°/4000 Hz
    Boundary deflection +/- 2mm
    Resonance frequency fs 190Hz
    Upper pole plate height 2.5mm
    Voice coil diameter 14mm
    Wrap height 3mm
    Baffle opening 46mm
    Net weight 0.14kg
    DC resistance Rdc 7.7 ohms
    Mechanical Q factor Qms 3.49
    Electrical Q factor Qes 0.88
    Total Q-Factor Qts 0.7
    Equivalent Air Compliance Volume Vas 0.23L
    Effective membrane area Sd 12.5 cm²
    Dynamic moving mass Mms 0.7g
    Drive factor Bxl 2.67 Tm
    connections Solder lugs
    Temperature range –25 ... 70 °C
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